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Basic Moving & Handling of People Safely

Half Day

Who should attend?

This popular non accredited qualification is intended for those working in areas where the assistance and movement of people is a prerequisite part of their role. This course is ideal for refresher training.

Individuals gaining this qualification will learn that any moving and handling must be carried out correctly and recognise the importance of this in ensuring a safer working environment for all. Learners will develop their knowledge and skill in relation to moving and handling.


The content of the course will cover:

  • What is Manual Handling
  • Hazards & Risks, Legislation
  • Anatomy Manual Handling Activities
  • Risk Assessments, Reducing Risks
  • Injuries caused by incorrect handling
  • Dignity
  • Personal Handling Plan

Learners will also develop the specialist knowledge and skills related to moving people safely, including

  • The personal safety, health and dignity issues relating to the movement of people
  • The importance of risk assessment and handling plans to reduce the risk of injury
  • The principles of use of different types of equipment
  • The safe application of moving people skills


Successful candidates receive a non-accredited certificate of attendance


Candidates must be physically able to carry out the procedures detailed in the course outline.

Costs for in house training

1 - 8 Delegates £325 + VAT

9 - 16 Delegates £350 + VAT

17 - 24 Delegates £630 + VAT

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