In House First Aid Courses Delivered Nationwide

First aid at school

Teaching first aid to children provides them with essential tools and skills that can be lifesaving. The interactive teaching methods that we use also promotes confidence, teamwork, communication skills and listening skills in each young person. The use of manikins in the classroom enables the children to get ‘hands on’ experience in life saving techniques and knowledge of the human body. The Young Lifesaver Award can be taught from Year 5 to Year 11 and to children of all abilities allowing them to learn something new and exciting whilst learning to save lives.


Testimonials for our St Johns Ambulance Junior Life Saver Award course.

Feedback from Chris - Year 6

Feedback from Maryam - Year 6

Feedback from Anna - Year 6

Available Courses

We also offer

Food Hygiene course

Designed for people who work, or intend to work in food or drink production. In addition to the fundamentals of food safety, candidates will gain an appreciation of the specific types of hazards, controls and monitoring associated with food manufacture.


Manual Handling courses

Two courses: How to safely move and handle objects, How to safely move and handle people.


Fire Safety course

A course looking at how to reduce the risk of fires, how to improve candidates actions when a fire occurs and how to use a fire extinguisher (optional). Suitable for candidates over 16 years old.